Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calendar of Northern Illinois Regional Open Rated Tournaments November 2010 through January 2011

I have created a handy calendar of the regional chess tournaments scheduled in northern Illinois from November of 2010 through January 2011. Included are the Evanston, Elgin, and Freeport tournaments, along with the DeKalb tournaments and a few others.

Feel free to print it out and post the schedule on your refrigerator, your own website, your car door, your forehead.

Of course, I welcome corrections or additions through email at Feedback welcome.

Shift-Click to initiate the download in a new window:  Event Calendar

Friday, October 29, 2010

No Halloween Tournament

Due to an inability to assure proper USCF tournament conditions at our usual location, we will NOT be holding a tournament on Halloween (October 31). There just wasn't enough control over the tournament environment in terms of noise and the potential for interruptions.

I apologize for any confusion. We will be holding our next tournament Sunday, November 14 at the DeKalb Borders location. More news to follow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

An Excellent Analysis of a Classic Game

In hopes of attracting more regular referral to this site, I'll be posting links to good chess material here. Here's a very well done 15 minute video of a very instructive Queen Pawn Opening:

Any DeKalb Chess Club members or entrants in our tournaments who find good material are encouraged to send me a link with a short write up of why you liked it.

Fantastic Offer:  Also, I'd like to encourage anyone who has analyzed one of their own games occurring in a DeKalb Club event to share that insightful analysis with us. Don't be shy, pass it to Rybka or Fritz and let a silicon engine find that decisive seventeen-move sequence that somehow eluded you over the board with your opponent breathing down your neck and the clock ticking away (or is that the other way around?). I'll be glad to post your write up (or video) on this site and you'll even get a $1 off your next tournament entry (sorry, only one discount per tournament).