Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Registrations for Orwell Memorial Streaming In

This Saturday June 25 would have been George Orwell's 108th birthday. To honor the day, chess enthusiasts from far and wide will gather in DeKalb for some friendly competition.

The USCF-rated tournament has already attracted a number of advance registrations but it's not too late to join the mix. There are still plenty of slots open.

If you have attended one of our previous events, we're starting early to accommodate an exciting FOURTH round of extended play (G/61 plus five second delay). By including a fourth round, participants are eligible to fulfill USCF norms.

On-site registration runs from 9am to 9:30am at the church with the first round beginning promptly at 9:40. The fourth round will conclude by 6:50 at which time a brief awards ceremony will be held.

As  tournament conditions go, these are pretty ideal with spacious playing tables and a separate skittles room for rehashing games and allowing friends and family to hang out in comfort.

The public is welcome to come out and observe the exciting play which is part and parcel of a rated USCF tournament. The First Congregational Church at 615 North First Street is the oldest congregation in DeKalb and stands just north of the historic Ellwood House.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chess Bus Heading to Elgin

DeKalb Chess Club will be sending delegates to perhaps the last McHenry Area Chess Tournament (at least for 2011).

We're happy to see Bob hosting another event this Saturday (June 18) at the Elgin Holiday Inn. This will be a four round Swiss-paired tournament with G/60 time controls.

Anyone wishing to go is encouraged to drop an email here or post below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bobby Fischer Against the World Hits HBO

A fascinating documentary on the life of the late chess legend premiered last night. Not sure I learned anything important I didn't already know and it's certainly sad to see a mind capable of such brilliance decline so precipitously. But at least he wrapped things up in 64 years, one for each square on the chess board!

Turns out Bobby's dad wasn't exactly American... and our government kept a 950 page file on his mom - so maybe he wasn't as paranoid as some of his political statements might suggest.

Funny to see all the antiquated news clips of the 1972 Spasky event... Nightly news even placed game updates ahead of that silly Watergate break-in during its rundown. (Whatever happened with that Watergate thing, anyway?)

TV graphics certainly have come a long way in 40 years... and with everything broadcast engineers have learned through televising Texas Hold 'Em Poker, it's high time for live chess to become a cultural sensation once again. If chess was good enough for Charlies Angels, it should be good enough for the Bachelorette.

Maybe ESPN will dedicate their next channel to all things chess. Until then, HBO is continuing to show the Fischer documentary throughout the summer.

Sadly, I'm not sure there were any chess lessons to be gleaned... other than the folly of a bishop capturing a rook pawn when its two neighbors are still intact. But Fischer managed to overcome that first game blunder to prevail in the best of 24 match. Perhaps perseverance over the long haul is the enduring chess-related message here.

Reyes Regains Ladder Pinacle

After a brief demotion due to vacation, crafty Don Reyes defeated the other Don (Wlilrett) in a challenge match Monday. By virtue of the result, Don R. sits atop all others who continue to challenge their way upwards and onwards. Congrats to Don!