Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Orwell Registrations Raining In

Registration remains open for the Orwell Memorial in DeKalb tomorrow. Due perhaps in part to the cancellation of the event at the North Shore Chess Center and no doubt because it's a 2013 Illinois Chess Tour event, we've hit over 30 38 42 advance registrants. Keep 'em coming! (52 is probably our logical maximum unless I reshuffle tables).

Included in the field are four six Warren Junior Scholars and three two other players with USCF ratings above 2100. We also have four females pre-registered which is a record for our tournaments.

The pre-registrations dictate we will most likely have enough players for a separate Under 700 section (along with Open, Under 1500, and Under 1200).  The Under 700 will most likely provide a shorter time control (perhaps Game/30) with six rounds to provide more experience.

Trying to fill out logical sections, if you're above 2000 and/or between 1500-1700, I'd love to hear from you!

Sadly, I am the only pre-registrant from DeKalb, along with a "local legend" from Sycamore. Will the rest of the local community step up to play in this exciting USCF event?  A few more hours remain until we learn the answer to that one...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Brother Accepting Registrations for 3rd Orwell Open

In the wake of revelations about NSA data-mining of phone records, there has been a surge in sales of George Orwell's classic 1984. But DeKalb Chess Club has been on the Orwell bandwagon for years.

Orwell -- better known as Eric Blair to his buddies -- was born June 25, 1903. After learning that the journalist and novelist may have dabbled at chess during his early job at a London book shop, the DeKalb club started a four-round, rated tournament in memory of his birth anniversary.

For the first time, we're honored to have been included as the fifth stop of the prestigious 2013 Illinois Chess Tour, bookended by the Chicago Open and the Chicago Class. Points earned at the Orwell will be accumulated by Illinois Chess Association members with awards provided after the Illinois Class later in the year.

Already registrations received suggest the Regular-Rated event will attract more than 30 participants. Early registration continues through Friday, June 21 at 9pm. An additional discount is available for ICA members.

Beyond the incredible experience to be gleaned in advance of the Midwest Classic, the Chicago Class and the US Open, Orwell participants will vie for a number of generously-funded cash prizes. See announcements here and on the ICA website for complete details.

Interested in playing? Drop an email with your name and USCF number and you'll be pre-registered. If you've never been a USCF member or your membership has lapsed, drop an email explaining your situation and we'll take it from there.

While tournament results will be reported to the USCF and will therefore become part of the public record, participants will be allowed to wear lead-lined helmets to discourage the government (and perhaps your opponent) from reading your mind during the tournament.