Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reyes recommends Fischer Video

Founding Club Member Don Reyes came to chess club yesterday armed with a glowing recommendation on an instructive chess video. The 39-minute posting on You Tube is free for anyone to view:

This particular video was created by "thechesswebsite" -- a channel which has posted 134 videos representing hours of excellent analysis.

Although I enjoy a great many videos from subscribed sites such as Chess.com, ChessLecture.com, ChessFM / ICC, there are some fantastic free videos posted on YouTube.

In addition to "thechesswebsite", you might wish to check out postings by "chessfriendsdotcom", "onlinechesslessons", and "chessnetwork".  You can also "subscribe" to these channels so that YouTube will send you an email whenever these authors post a new video.

And it's all free!

Thanks to Don for this recommendation... and all club members are encouraged to let this site know about any other chess-related resources they have found helpful.