Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BLACK FRIDAY OPEN Offers Alternative Nov 27

Why stand in those annoying pre-dawn lines when you can exercise your brain for only $1 an hour?

Four rounds of Game/40 (5-second delay) rated play. Four sections with oodles of prizes in store.

$7 with advanced email registration... $10 at the door IF space is available.

Limited to 32 entrants.

Downloadable flier has complete details or see announcement here.

Friday, August 14, 2015

3rd Steinitz Memorial on Saturday, 10am Start Time

It's all systems go for four rounds, Game/40 with a 5-second delay on Saturday, August 15.

Hope to see you at the church after 9:30am... first round will start at 10am.

Details posted on the Illinois Chess Association site:  << Click Here >>

Saturday, August 1, 2015

DeKalb Chess Club Observes MTV's Launch Anniversary

What a better way to observe the 34th anniversary of a cable channel's initial broadcast than a four-round, dual-rated chess tournament.

Beginning at 10am on August 1st, chess stalwarts will compete most likely without music playing, in fact humming is also discouraged. For those arriving late, a first round, half-point bye will set them up for the second round beginning at 11:45.

Game/45 with a 5-second delay will be the time control. No prizes, but the entry fee is only $6 so what the heck!

According to the information bible Wikipedia: On Saturday, August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time. MTV launched with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll....played over footage of the 1st space shuttle countdown (Columbia) which took place earlier that year... and of the launch of Apollo 11.

Those words were immediately followed by the original MTV theme song... playing over photos of the Apollo 11 moon landing, with the flag featuring MTV's logo changing various colors, textures, and designs. MTV producers .. used this public domain footage as a concession... they had originally planned to use Neil Armstrong's "One small step" quote, but lawyers said Armstrong owns his name and likeness, and Armstrong had refused, so the quote was replaced with a beeping sound.

The shuttle launch identification ran at the top of every hour in various forms from MTV's first day until it was pulled in early 1986, in the wake of the Challenger Disaster.

The first music video on MTV was the Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star.

Probably more than most chess players want to know about MTV but it makes for a good excuse to hold a tournament on a hot day with summer winding down.

Monday, June 22, 2015

5th Orwell Memorial Coming Saturday

Update: We're over our "based on 40" so we've added an Under 2000 prize in addition to the Open Championship prize of $100 and the Under 1800 prize. Other sections have their own prizes. Believe it or not, what we're most in need of are players between 1249 and 600. Go figure!


The 2015 Illinois Chess Tour is coming to its halfway point as of the June 27th Orwell Memorial Open. This marks the 5th year for the event.

Four rounds of Game/60 chess (with a 5-second delay) will determine who wins the $100 championship prize with oodles of additional prizes available. Check out the ICA listing for complete details..

For those who haven't yet joined the ICA, by doing so, you're eligible to compete for Tour prizes including $500 for the Open and $200 each for the Reserve and Scholastic Reserve. Points going back to the beginning of the year will be included if you do join by the Orwell!  The Tour runs through the Illinois Class in November.

Registrations have been steady so should be a good turnout in all sections of the Orwell... and the $12 entry fee for ICA members is still available ($15 for non-members). Everything goes up $5 as of Thursday June 25 at midnight... which happens to be Orwell's official birthday.

Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) would have been 112, may he rest in peace.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 30 Tournament: 4 rounds, Game/55 with 5 second delay

Registrations are now open for the Lincoln Memorial Open to be held May 30 in DeKalb.

This marks the 93rd anniversary of the dedication of the Memorial in 1922.

Sections for all skill-levels. Sign up now!

The weather is supposed to be not so good... so what's better than a full day of chess?