Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Tournament Today

At one time it was hoped that we would be hosting a tournament today, March 1. Due to health issues that is not possible. No formal announcement was placed, but apparently at least one person remembers that I had hoped to hold a tournament today. I apologize for the confusion.

No other date has been set up for any tournaments but check back here soon.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

All Systems Go for 2014 Illinois Kick-off in DeKalb

A little snow never hurt anyone... and despite the weather, DeKalb will be the site of the first rated tournament games in Illinois during 2014.

Preceded by a blitz event this morning, the official kick-off event should get underway after registration from noon-12:30pm. For late-arrivers, a first round bye is available (1/2 point). Time controls will be a unique 20 minutes plus 14 second delay in honor of the new year. Each round is anticipated to last around an hour with a steady variety promised for the day.  Drive safely -- and castle early!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Do, Adams and Patell Claim 2nd Home for the Holidays Sections

Clear firsts were achieved in all three sections of the Home for the Holidays tournament, held December 28 in DeKalb. Altogether 25 participated in the dual-rated event. USCF crosstables can be viewed here.

Warren Junior Scholar Vincent Do achieved his all-time high rating, 2027, winning all four rounds. Chicago Marish High School Senior Joe Fennessey, who recently qualified for the Warren program, overcame a second round defeat at Vincent's hands, to claim second with a 3.0/4 score.

In the Reserve Section, the DeKalb club's Cliff Adams went 4.0/4, boosting his rating 134 points to a mind-boggling 1433. Playing in over 100 events since 2004, Cliff has rotated between the high 1000's and the low 1300's in his USCF rating. Smashing the 1400-barrier is an impressive accomplishment for the Sycamore octogenarian. Cliff's previous high in the last two decades was 1361-rating achieved through a 2008 Quad in Elgin.

David Black and James Zhang split second place honors in the Reserve with 2.0/4 results.

Playing in his first rated event in 16 years, Aarish Patell won all four of his matches in the Booster Section, increasing his rating 230 points.

Freeport's John Werkheiser claimed clear second in the Booster, posting a 3.0/4 tally, losing only to Aarish in the third round.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

DeKalb Club to Host Multiple Events Over Five Days

Ever the glutton for punishment, the DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting a bevy of events to conclude 2013 and to kick off 2014. All events will be at the First Congregational Church in DeKalb.

The two main events are a USCF dual-rated, 4-Round, event on Saturday, Dec. 28 and a USCF dual-rated, 4-Round (may become five) on Wednesday, Jan. 1 (in honor of 2014, get it?).

  • Saturday, 12/28: This is the 2nd Home for the Holidays Open... and who can forget last year's thrilling tournament? Game/45, 5 second delay.
  • Wednesday, 1/1: 2014 Illinois Kick-Off, Game/20, 14 second delay (if my calculations are correct, this should come out to about an hour per game for both sides, assuming 40 moves and players generally taking advantage of the delay).

There will also be an unrated event with the same time controls and round set up on Saturday, 12/28 with both individual and team prizes. Cheap entry fee, no USCF membership required for THAT section. It's basically designed as a high school event, but it is open to all ages -- and would make a wonderful first tournament. USCF rules will be followed meaning that the taking of notation is HIGHLY encouraged unless you have a really, really good excuse.

If that's enough there will also be an unrated section on Wednesday, 1/1, again following the round structure of the rated event, but this does not require USCF membership. Again, a low, low entry fee, open to all ages.

And, if all that's STILL not enough, there will be both RATED and UN-RATED Blitz events Wednesday morning to kick off the day. So those of you who want to get an early start on New Year's Day can play blitz games... and those of you who don't want to show up until noon or so, you can do so and still enjoy an afternoon of chess.

Hit me with questions or your pre-registrations.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quartet Top 2013 Other Tal Memorial Open Section

Aaron Maney may have enjoyed the tournament of his life, defeating a pair of experts in back to back rounds. But by day's end, he found himself in a four-way tie for top honors in the 13-player Open Section at DeKalb's Other Tal Memorial, held Nov. 9.

Overall, 38 players battled it out in four sections of dual time-controlled chess (with a few extra games thrown in). USCF Crosstables.

Jon Winick, Vincent Do and Chelsea Harper joined Aaron with 3.0/4 scores. Only Jon's fourth-round victory kept Aaron from a perfect score. Still, Aaron raised his USCF rating over 100 points to 1830, pending USCF re-rate.

The 13-player Open Section returned 100% of its entry fees to top-scoring entrants, with eight players sharing in the proceeds.

Iowa sixth-grader Clive Power and home-schooled fifth-grader Tom Bareket posted level 2.0/4 scores to claim Under 1600 honors within the Open Section. Tom, the lowest rated player in the section, impressively went undefeated, drawing all four games.

In the 11-player Reserve Section, Kevin Taylor posted the tournament's only perfect score, going 4.0/4. Kevin bumped his rating over 100 points to the mid-1500's. Brian Gong and Jonathan Gaenzle finished a point back at 3.0/4, splitting second and third place prize money in the section.

Ed Powers finished atop Under 1400 competitors within the section posting a 2.5/4 score. James Zhang, Adam Bareket and Daniel Renauer wound up a half-point back, all in second place among U1400's.

In the tightly-bunched Tweener's section, Steve Wilson drew Paul Schmitt in the final round, the only blemish on Steve's undefeated day in only his second USCF-rated tournament. U of I graduate student Joe Riddle claimed second, a half-point back behind Steve with a 3.0 posting. Paul was a half-point back from that with 2.5, placing third.

The Under 1000 Booster competition saw Abhi Shankar, James Stacey and Charlie Harrison each tally 3.0/4 results to tie for the section championship.  James defeated Charlie in the first round, Abhi bested James in the second round and Charlie prevailed over Abhi in the fourth round. How's that for head-to-head competition? This event served as Charlie's debut to USCF-rated play.

Sycamore's Cliff Adams enjoyed the top upset (147 points!) for players not otherwise participating in prize pools. It was a thrill to have so many locals participating in the event. Cliff joined DeKalb Chess Club veterans Don Reyes and John Schaeffer along with occasional club participant Chelsea (mentioned above) and newcomer Mark Berezewski.

The Other Tal Memorial represents the seventh rated event hosted by the DeKalb club in 2013 and honored what would have been Mikhail Tal's 77th birthday.

Heading into next weekend's Illinois All Grade (to be held on the campus of ISU), this tournament included one dozen juniors, and impressively, eight of the twelve received some prize money.