Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Registrations Flowing in For M*A*S*H Memorial Open

With two days / one day to go before the early registration discount expires  a little over 24 hours to go,  19  30  34  38 players have pre-registered for the four-round extravaganza. Registration will be accepted at the door at the same $5 rate on Saturday, February 28. (although an advance email before 6am on the day of the tournament is APPRECIATED.). Note: due to limited entries in the non-rated competition, there may not be sufficient entries for that. But discounted USCF memberships will be available for K-12).

Players will get a whole hour to make their moves with an additional 5-seconds before the clock starts each time.

Multiple sections should keep the match ups tight with Open, Reserve -- Under 1600 and Booster -- Under 1200 sections, subject to change depending on the registrations received.

DeKalb events typically honor the midpoints of the section as well with awards: Under 1800 in the Open, Under 1400 in the Reserve and Under 1000 in the Booster (it looks like Under 800 too!).

Since we have THREE such teams entered (so far), there will also be a prize for the top parent-child combined score.

If you've never played a USCF event, this is an ideal first event with patient explanations all around. And the $5 entry fee is designed to keep it accessible for all.

The Under 1200 section will feature a variety of players both in terms of age as well as skill level. This is called a Booster section. Two other sections will feature intermediate players in the Reserve and advanced players in the Open.

Saturday's tournament honors the anniversary of the airing of the final episode of M*A*S*H -- the long-running TV series set in the Korean conflict with doctors frequently playing chess in their tent between medical emergencies. Who can forget those incoming chopper scenes and the witty remarks of Hawkeye Pierce as he performed surgical magic on the wounded?

For those not quite ready to join the USCF, there will also be a non-rated section, and for K-12 entrants there will be a discounted USCF membership available, fairly close to half-price of the normal rate. (NOTE: at this point in time, there are very few non-rated entries and there is a chance that only the rated competition will occur). Hope to see you Saturday!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tournament to Honor Publication of Chess Progress

Rockford's Erik Czerwin has been a regular at DeKalb tournaments for a few years now. Coach Czerwin was named the Illinois Chess Coaches Association's Coach of the Year a couple years back when he was at Marengo High School. This is his second year teaching at Rockford Guilford High School -- and the first season he will coach a team there.

In his abundant free time, Coach Czerwin has written a remarkable book which is being released in the United States this month by Everyman Press. In honor of its release.the DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting a day of tournament chess for everyone on Saturday, Sept. 13.

The main event will be a 3-section, USCF-rated tournament with Open, Reserve (U1600) and Booster (U1200) Sections. There will also be an unrated tournament which does not require USCF membership and a Rated Quick Chess tournament (Game/25) for players rated Under 800.

The main event will feature four rounds of Game/45 competition with a five second delay.

Best of all, the entry fee for all three events will only be $5 with books as prizes. Details are posted elsewhere on the front page of this site.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

33 Advanced Registered for 4th Orwell - Four sections strong!

Registrations have been solid for the 4th Orwell Memorial as of the deadline for early registration.

But in order to assure the deepest field of players possible, I am willing to extend the early registration discount through 11:59pm Friday for anyone who includes a line from any George Orwell novel along with their USCF ID # and an indication which section they wish to play.

Furthermore, ICA members will receive the early registration discount even if they just show up on tournament day (registration ends at 8:45am).

Hope to see you early Saturday!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Orwell Memorial Registrations Now Open - June 28th Looms

After nearly a six-month hiatus from USCF-rated tournaments, the DeKalb Chess Club is proud to host the next stop on the 2014 Illinois Chess Tour.

For the fourth year, the DeKalb club is observing the birthday of the author of Animal Farm and 1984 (born 6/25/1903). Legend has it, that Eric Blair (before he adopted his epic pen name) played chess between customers at a London bookshop where he worked as a young man.

Once again the Orwell will feature comfortable playing conditions, relatively long time controls (Game/60 plus a 5-second delay) and competitive sections, Open, Under 1600 and Under 1200. As usual with DeKalb tournaments, the TD reserves the option of re-arranging sections depending upon registrations received in order to assure the most equitable sections for the greatest number. Requests to "play up" will be considered because many players enjoy challenging themselves with tougher competition than their current rating may dictate.

Updated: We now have enough interest to offer an Under 800 section (with an additional prize available for the top scorer rated U600). The time control for the U800 will be Game 30 (with no delay) and there will be five rounds instead of four as in the other sections. The first round will get going shortly after 9am when the other sections start, but you should try to register by 8:45am.  The U800 will finish up in the middle of the afternoon, but if family members are playing in the main event, we will offer activities to keep participants busy until the other sections conclude.

In addition to the section prizes, there are usually at least one "Under Prize" in each section to recognize the players who are lower-rated when the day begins. So pretty much everyone is in contention for some prize until usually at least the third round.

Because of travel and the early start time, 1/2 point byes are available for the FIRST round only. (Second round should start around 11:15 am.)

A flyer for the tournament can be downloaded here.

Registrants so far (updated 6/19/14): [33 confirmed so far, several more maybes, 36-40 entries projected]

Open: (8-12) Rudy P, Jason D, James C., Chelsea, Aaron M., Adam B, Tom B., James D.

Reserve: (14-16) Erik C, Cliff A, Elijah P., Arnold O., Luis M (unr),  Jonathan G., David B., Aidan C, Arthur X., Joey B. William L, Archit, Don, Bill B., John (?)

 (5-8) Scott D., Gary S., Charlie H,  Paul S., James F.,

(6-8) Bryce L., Jeremiah D.. Lori B., Ben B., Reese, Nathan (?), Alex, Ryan (?)

Who's next?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Tournament Today

At one time it was hoped that we would be hosting a tournament today, March 1. Due to health issues that is not possible. No formal announcement was placed, but apparently at least one person remembers that I had hoped to hold a tournament today. I apologize for the confusion.

No other date has been set up for any tournaments but check back here soon.