Monday, June 22, 2015

5th Orwell Memorial Coming Saturday

Update: We're over our "based on 40" so we've added an Under 2000 prize in addition to the Open Championship prize of $100 and the Under 1800 prize. Other sections have their own prizes. Believe it or not, what we're most in need of are players between 1249 and 600. Go figure!


The 2015 Illinois Chess Tour is coming to its halfway point as of the June 27th Orwell Memorial Open. This marks the 5th year for the event.

Four rounds of Game/60 chess (with a 5-second delay) will determine who wins the $100 championship prize with oodles of additional prizes available. Check out the ICA listing for complete details..

For those who haven't yet joined the ICA, by doing so, you're eligible to compete for Tour prizes including $500 for the Open and $200 each for the Reserve and Scholastic Reserve. Points going back to the beginning of the year will be included if you do join by the Orwell!  The Tour runs through the Illinois Class in November.

Registrations have been steady so should be a good turnout in all sections of the Orwell... and the $12 entry fee for ICA members is still available ($15 for non-members). Everything goes up $5 as of Thursday June 25 at midnight... which happens to be Orwell's official birthday.

Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) would have been 112, may he rest in peace.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 30 Tournament: 4 rounds, Game/55 with 5 second delay

Registrations are now open for the Lincoln Memorial Open to be held May 30 in DeKalb.

This marks the 93rd anniversary of the dedication of the Memorial in 1922.

Sections for all skill-levels. Sign up now!

The weather is supposed to be not so good... so what's better than a full day of chess?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

No Tournament May 2

Despite optimism expressed at the Exposition Flyer, there WILL BE NO TOURNAMENT on May 2nd.

The DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting tournaments on May 30 and June 27 -- stay tuned for details.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Experts Guan & Do Co-Champions at Three Mile Island Open; Matt Riddle, Philip Song, Abhi Prabhu Win Sections, 63 Play

63 players battled in four all-age sections at the 2015 Three Mile Island Open, held March 28 in DeKalb.

In the Open, Naperville North's Bradley Guan and Rockford middle-schooler Vincent Do drew in the fourth round to claim the co-championship. Both had gone a perfect 3-0 up until their match.

Due to a membership issue there was a delay in the posting of the updated USCF ratings, but that has now been resolved.

Sam Henderson and Glen Gratz tied for third with 3.0/4. Sam had the top score for U1800 players in the Open. Guan's teammate, Danny Emge had the top score among U1600's with 2.5.

Matt Riddle won the Reserve section with 3.5/4. Matt drew Jonathan Gaenzle in the third round before beating 8-year old Vrishank Ramnath in the final round. Jonathan, Vrishank, Geoffrey Trager and junior Alex Zhao all tied for second place with 3.0's. Geoffrey was returning to USCF play after 13 years!

All five players in the Reserve hit ratings milestones: Matt rose back above 1600, Jonathan eclipsed 1500, Vrishank surpassed 1400 for the first time (1434), Geoffrey went above 1400 for the second time in his life, and Alex saw his rating jump 147 points to an all-time best 1349.

Naperville North's Philip Song was perfect in the Booster Section (USCF-rated 1000-1250's), defeating teammate Harrison Loh in the final round. Loh and Joe Riddle tied for second in the section, both with 3.0's.

Waubonsie's Abhi Prabhu was 4-0 in the U1000 Super-Booster section, defeating Indian Creek's Sean Insley in the final round. Sean, along with Arin Nair and Steven Ma, both of Naperville North, all finished with three points to tie for second.

Abhi was participating in his first rated event ever, as was Steven and his Naperville North teammate Maya Ross, Cortland's Will Olson and Malta's Chris Wellendorf.  High schooler Michael Ruiz was also facing USCF competition for the first time, entering the Booster section.

Nikhil Kuricheti of Bloomington-Normal, Bryce Lawson of Rockford and Stephen Brazier of Sycamore posted the best scores among U800 players with 2.5's.

Amrutha Venkat took top honors among U600 entrants.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Core Registrations Getting Dangerously Hot for 3 Mile Island

UPDATED: You can't even see a first-run movie these days for $5 but the DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting another full day of rated chess matches Saturday at a family-friendly price.

8 hours of entertainment for $5? Such a deal! ($10 as of noon Friday).

Complete details can be found on the ICA calendar. Registrations for other sections are looking solid -- we could use a few more USCF Experts and Class A Players to join us.

So far, Vincent Do and Bradley Guan have signed up -- Vincent recently turned 13 and is ranked 27th in the country for that age. Bradley was first board on the state champion Naperville North High School team and was the top-ranked 17-year old in Illinois as of March listings.

As things stand now -- subject to change -- I am looking at splitting the Booster into an Under 1100 section and a 1000-1250 section, allowing folks to move where they are comfortable and eligible to play. As of 7:00 am Friday, this would give us 10-12-12-14 in the four proposed sections. But the day is young, right?

Last month's M*A*S*H event attracted 50 players but it's looking as if we'll surpass this. Capacity is limited to 64 players to keep player comfort at an optimal level. Advance registration is STRONGLY recommended, particularly if you are coming as a group.