If you are ordering chess equipment, DeKalb Chess Club highly recommends Wholesale Chess. In addition to their every day good prices, they frequently offer special discounts AND free shipping with a minimum size order. If you don't quite have enough to hit that amount, contact me and I might split an order with you. I usually order something every few weeks. Please use the link above.

A list of really valuable resources to help you improve your chess skills (along with regular competition at local club sessions and USCF tournaments, of course!):

The Very Basics:
For the Just Getting Started Crowd: 
 Oodles of puzzles to keep your chess brain limber:
Wonderful Videos by Subscription:
DVD's for purchase:
Old-fashioned books:

Do you have a chess resource or two which you value dearly? Drop us an email or post a comment below.


  1. Illinois Chess Bulletin Vol. 7, No 4. January 1972, Vol. 8, No. 2. August, 1971.

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