Friday, September 20, 2013

Hobbit Classic Registrations Strong

Evidently the Tolkien novel is bringing chess players out of the woodwork!

As of 6 pm on the eve of the four-round tournament, 28 players have registered for the main USCF-rated event.

This includes six players in the Open, 14 players in the Under 1600 and 8 players in the Under 1200.

We also have enough registrants to assure prizes will be awarded to the Under 1800's in the Open Section, Under 1400's in the Reserve and Under 1000's in the Booster.

So far only one high school coach has RSVP'd with specific names but I'm hoping that more high schooler's will be joining us. Remember, no USCF membership is required for that section.

First round will get underway at 10am SHARP -- but you're welcome to start with the second round at 12:40 staked to a half-point bye.

Safe travels!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bilbo Baggins, Where Are You?

In honor of the 76th anniversary of the initial publication of the classic The Hobbit, we'll be hosting the 2013 Hobbit Classic!

Usual details apply (found elsewhere on this site) with a later start time: 10am first round. Have a soccer game or wanna mow the lawn or driving from far away? No problem, take a first round bye (1/2 point) and start playing in the second round at 12:40. Either way, we'll finish up by 6:30pm.

Four rounds, Game/50 plus a generous 5 second delay.

Since many high schoolers haven't quite gotten their seasons underway, we'll also be hosting a section with similar time controls but only a $5 entry fee. No USCF membership required for this section. Non-cash prizes for these folks, but we'll come up with some thing good for the winner(s). If you or your students are interested in this unrated tournament, please drop me a line by Friday (9/20) so I can set up enough tables.

Sorry for the short notice on this, but we just became aware of the church's availability Saturday. Otherwise, it's booked until November.