Monday, November 15, 2010

Freestrom Prevails At November Tournament

DeKalb Chess Club phenom James Freestrom, of Sycamore, defended home turf November 14 by winning the "Cornfield Challenge" with a perfect score of 4. James is the first club member to win one of our open tournaments outright!

Newcomer Scott Kolb, of Somonauk, took a clear second with a 3.0 score.

Three players, including DeKalb Club members Bill Feldman and Mark Peterson along with newcomer Adam Ford, tied for third with 2.5 scores.

An incredible 5-way tie for sixth place was testimony to the ferocity of the competition. But all five players received physical prizes, assuring that the pledge of "prizes galore" was fulfilled! Even honorary club member Alex was awarded a copy Murray Chandler's excellent book "How to Beat Your Dad at Chess" after dropping his fourth round game to his pops, Barry. (Study that tome and you'll get 'em next time, Alex!).

Thanks to the support of Borders and the creative efforts of yours truly, more than 225% of the entry fees were returned in prizes and gift certificates. (Thanks, Dan and Julie for those incredibly awesome gift bags!).

We even managed to get a little Daily Chronicle coverage (11/15, page 3) profiling club member Don Reyes and young Alex, but it will probably archive shortly so I'm not including a link. (By the way, I told the reporter that the USCF sanctions 500,000 individual GAMES a year, but the article stated EVENTS. Not my fault!).

Fourteen competitors battled this one out and we hope to see our little experiment in the cornfields keep growing at our next tournament, December 12. The 4-round Swiss will have similar parameters to this past tournament, details elsewhere on this site.


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