Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Conditions Cancel Wednesday Play

Not wanting to chance dangerous travel, DeKalb Chess Club will forgo its scheduled open play at Borders, Wednesday, Feb. 2nd.

Instead, club members are encouraged to work on submissions to the club's website, analyzing one of their tournament games or perhaps offering a review of one of their favorite chess books. Contributors may also craft a short essay on why chess rocks their world or recalling their most memorable chess game, earliest chess memory, or life lesson reinforced by chess principles. Find a chess video on YouTube and craft a little write up on what you got out of it. Everything is fair game in the chess blog world!

To submit material to this site, drop an email to the friendly webmaster at this domain. And stay safe out there, people!


  1. That will be great to gain perspective from all the DeKalb Club members!

  2. We're so lucky to have a community resource where all club members can create material to advance fellow club members' education!

    Share a little, learn a lot!

  3. Thanks for saving me the long and dangerous drive in the blizzard and white out conditions!

    It's so great to have this vehicle for communicating to the entire club!

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