Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chess in Other Communities

Great article from an upstate New York community newspaper about a tournament they are running there.  Dunkirk, NY Observer Article

I love the explanation from the art gallery's board president as to why they were hosting a chess tournament, of all possible synergies with art: 
"We want to foster the intellectual life of our community. The more practice people have thinking ahead and using strategy, the better our community will be able to plan for and create our own future."
This is the essence of why chess would be a wonderful addition to the KEYS initiative in DeKalb, but so far it's been a tough sale.

The president of the local chess club (again in Dunkirk, NY) poses some pithy ponderings upon the powers of planning in chess:
"Sometimes a plan only lasts one or two moves, and then it has to be changed.
Chess is a war game, and as General Dwight Eisenhower said, 'Planning is indispensable for battle, but when the battle begins, plans are useless.'
Without a plan, you can't hope to win, but you have to be constantly aware of the fact that every move changes the board, and be ready to adjust or abandon any plan during the heat of battle."
 Battle stations, everyone!

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