Tuesday, July 5, 2011

George Orwell Memorial Features 24

Two dozen combatants from three states faced off over four rounds Saturday. The event honored the memory of British author George Orwell's birthday. He would have been 108. In honor of the author's acclaimed book 1984, entrants with USCF ratings above that milestone enjoyed free entry.

A newcomer to DeKalb events, Mikhail Korenman, nabbed the top spot of ten players in the upper "Team 1984" section. Mr. Korenman, a respected chess trainer, scored 3.5 out of 4 in the Orwell event. His lone blemish was a second round draw with young Adream Liang.

Adream and his younger brother, Awonder, tied for second place in the upper division with 2.5 out of four scores. If my calculations are correct, Adream went on to win $1000 as the Class B top scorer at the Continental Americas Championship over 4th of July weekend. Way to go, Adream!

For his efforts, Mr. Korenman walked away with the excellent three part "Chess College" series by GM Efstratios Grivas. We are honored that Mr. Korenman took time out from his summer teaching schedule to enter his first DeKalb event and hope he won't be a stranger to the cornfields.

In the Animal Farm section,  DeKalb Chess Club member and Elgin resident Jake Zarris smoked the field, going undefeated in four rounds. Jake walked away with a trio of Yasser Seirawan's excellent books. If he works through these insightful volumes, we're all going to be in trouble and there will be no stopping Jake!

First-timer Dane Bell and "veteran" Kyle Mathews tied for second with 3.0/4 scores. Ed Bustamante and Keith Amman tied for fourth with 2.5/4 scores. Impressive finishes in a 14-person field.

The next day, Ed went on to tie for first in the Highland Park June Under 1400. Way to go, Ed!

I recognize that getting to DeKalb events requires a little car time for most entrants but it is your attendance that is keeping these events coming. While we've offered some modest cash prizes up until now, most of our events to date have featured book prizes. But to honor the end of our first season, the DeKalb club is proud to announce its first big cash event coming August 7. Stay tuned to this site for more details.


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