Monday, December 19, 2011

DCC hosts Winter Chess Camp

DeKalb Chess Champ is proud to announce it will be hosting a four-day, kid-friendly chess camp over winter break. The dates of the 1/2 day camps are Tuesday, December 27 to Friday, December 30.

From 1pm to 4:45pm each day, participants will be getting a mind-expanding combination of demonstration board instruction, practice exercises, grandmaster video lessons, and chess play. From exploring of openings and endgames to the study of famous games and novel positions, the 15 hour camp will certainly take everyone's game to the next level (or two!).

Absolutely no knowledge of chess is assumed, but after a brief introduction, the camp will cover all the important aspects of chess including tactics and strategy. We'll also play some fun "chess variants" which are like chess but emphasize different skills. For example, Bughouse requires players to partner up and allows you to return pieces captured by one's partner to the board. Teamwork, communication and strategy are all necessary to prevail in Bughouse!

Advance registration is recommended through emailing name (and grade level if in school) to The cost is $45 for the entire camp with additional family members only $30. This covers all four afternoons. Single afternoons are available for $15 each. (Absolute beginners should attend the first session but otherwise, each day will be standalone).

All proceeds go to support the building fund of the First Congregational Church which is graciously hosting the camp and hosts the DeKalb Chess Club for casual play on Mondays. The church is located at 615 N. First Street in DeKalb (just north of the Ellwood House).

What a fun way to spend a portion of winter break!

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  1. Thank for sharing the details of Chess club. Playing chess with the unique chess sets and win the game.


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