Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Star Trek Open Saturday

Saturday, September 8th marks the 46th anniversary of the epic TV show Star Trek's initial broadcast on NBC.

Even if you weren't around for that auspicious occasion, you're welcome to play four rounds of amazing chess, sponsored by the DeKalb Chess Club.

For those seeking USCF-rated play, first round will kick off at 10:30am (registration 10am-10:20am). Game/45 and no delay will allow us to get in four rounds. This will require a $15 entry fee ($20 at the door) with generous cash prizes. (Discounts available if wearing a Star Trek costume or if arriving by teleportation).

For folks who may or may not be USCF-members, there will also be an unrated tournament kicking off at 12:30 (registration noon-12:20pm). The time control for that will be shorter, Game/30. This will also be four rounds, but there will be medals/trophies instead of cash prizes, and the entry fee is only $7.

This set up should allow high school teams to kick off their year and get some experience. (This is NOT a team event, but team discounts will be provided). USCF members can play in the G/45 event, anyone may play in the G/30 event.

There will also be a skittles room available for kibbitzing and game analysis (and parental lounging).

The event should conclude by 5:30pm allowing folks to attend the NIU football home opener being held nearby.

Questions? info@dekalbchess.com. To pre-register, send your name and USCF ID (if a USCF member) to registration@dekalbchess.com.

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