Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home For the Holidays Open

Squeezed in between Christmas and New Years, DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting the 2012 Home for the Holidays Open on Saturday, December 29th.

This 3-round, USCF-rated event is aimed at preserving the family structure, giving chess players a chance to blow off some steam after the Xmas bunny has left his droppings under the mistletoe or however you observe that day.

Registrations permitting, there will also be an unrated event starting a little bit later in the day, meaning no USCF-membership is required. The DeKalb Winter Classic will feature four rounds with Game/30 time controls.

Sections for both events will be developed based on registrations received.

Check out details posted elsewhere on this site or drop an email to with any questions.

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