Sunday, December 29, 2013

Do, Adams and Patell Claim 2nd Home for the Holidays Sections

Clear firsts were achieved in all three sections of the Home for the Holidays tournament, held December 28 in DeKalb. Altogether 25 participated in the dual-rated event. USCF crosstables can be viewed here.

Warren Junior Scholar Vincent Do achieved his all-time high rating, 2027, winning all four rounds. Chicago Marish High School Senior Joe Fennessey, who recently qualified for the Warren program, overcame a second round defeat at Vincent's hands, to claim second with a 3.0/4 score.

In the Reserve Section, the DeKalb club's Cliff Adams went 4.0/4, boosting his rating 134 points to a mind-boggling 1433. Playing in over 100 events since 2004, Cliff has rotated between the high 1000's and the low 1300's in his USCF rating. Smashing the 1400-barrier is an impressive accomplishment for the Sycamore octogenarian. Cliff's previous high in the last two decades was 1361-rating achieved through a 2008 Quad in Elgin.

David Black and James Zhang split second place honors in the Reserve with 2.0/4 results.

Playing in his first rated event in 16 years, Aarish Patell won all four of his matches in the Booster Section, increasing his rating 230 points.

Freeport's John Werkheiser claimed clear second in the Booster, posting a 3.0/4 tally, losing only to Aarish in the third round.

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