Monday, March 23, 2015

Core Registrations Getting Dangerously Hot for 3 Mile Island

UPDATED: You can't even see a first-run movie these days for $5 but the DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting another full day of rated chess matches Saturday at a family-friendly price.

8 hours of entertainment for $5? Such a deal! ($10 as of noon Friday).

Complete details can be found on the ICA calendar. Registrations for other sections are looking solid -- we could use a few more USCF Experts and Class A Players to join us.

So far, Vincent Do and Bradley Guan have signed up -- Vincent recently turned 13 and is ranked 27th in the country for that age. Bradley was first board on the state champion Naperville North High School team and was the top-ranked 17-year old in Illinois as of March listings.

As things stand now -- subject to change -- I am looking at splitting the Booster into an Under 1100 section and a 1000-1250 section, allowing folks to move where they are comfortable and eligible to play. As of 7:00 am Friday, this would give us 10-12-12-14 in the four proposed sections. But the day is young, right?

Last month's M*A*S*H event attracted 50 players but it's looking as if we'll surpass this. Capacity is limited to 64 players to keep player comfort at an optimal level. Advance registration is STRONGLY recommended, particularly if you are coming as a group.

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