Friday, March 25, 2016

Alekhine Memorial Features Four Rounds: G/40; 5-second delay

The DeKalb Chess Club will sponsor the Alekhine Memorial Open on Saturday, March 26. Note: this event is open to all-ages and will most likely be conducted in one section although the TD reserves the right to split sections.

By popular demand, the time control will be Game/40 with a 5-second delay.

All equipment will be provided. There will be a $6 entry fee with certificates as prizes. All juniors will receive awards.

Registration will conclude at 9:00 am with the first round starting shortly thereafter. The second round will begin at 11:00 am -- and folks are welcome to take a 1/2-point first round bye. A brief lunch will be available before round three which will kick off at 1:15pm. The fourth and final round will begin at 3:00pm with conclusion of play by 4:30pm.

Grandmaster Alekhine passed away March 24, 1946 making this the 70th anniversary of his death.

This is a perfect warm up for the scholastic nationals coming up: High School, April 1-3 in Atlanta; Jr. High, April 15-17 in Indianapolis; and Elementary, May 6-8 in Nashville.


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