Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Registrations Heating Up For Judd Lauger Memorial Sept 10

The week is still young and yet we are projecting a 40-player field for the Judd Lauger Memorial Classic, Saturday, September 10.

We have 8 players signed up for the Open and 12 for the Reserve with another 8 in the Booster -- and even one person wishing to play in the non-rated event (fingers crossed we'll get more non-rateds!).

Currently the prize fund is $100 for first overall with $50 for first U1800 in the Open. The Reserve will feature $60 for first and $40 for top U1400.

The Booster will include $30 first prize and a trophy.  There will also be trophies for second and third in the section along with top U1000, U800, U600 and U400.

But once we hit 32 players, we'll go to $120 for first overall, $60 for second place with $50 for the U1800 in the Open.

And in the Reserve we'll add a second place prize of $40 and first place will grow to $80. Upset prizes will go from $5 per section to $10 -- and that will add $155 to the existing prize fund of around $300. So stay tuned!


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