Friday, March 30, 2012

Gone With the Wind Classic Blows Into DeKalb Saturday

First it was a book, then a movie... now Gone With the Wind will be forever known as THE classic chess tournament.

Actually, on Saturday, March 31, it'll be TWO chess tournaments in one... a four-round USCF tournament getting started at 9am, and a juniors-only event kicking off around noon.

Advanced registrations have been flowing in steadily, and we're already at 20, the most pre-registrations we've ever had for an event. Best of all, we have some highly competitive registrants rated as high as 2209, potentially the highest rated player ever to play in a DeKalb Chess Club event.

Suffice to say, the cash prizes should be rather generous if we get the expected field.

Still time to get in your discounted advanced registration... 12 hours to go!  Details found to the right of this posting... or drop me a note at and I'll type back V-E-R-Y slowly so you can understand what's going on.

This marks the 17th rated open event for the DeKalb club in the past 20 months (or so) since we became a USCF-affiliate. 117 different USCF members have competed in our tournaments, and several other players have enjoyed our junior and unrated events. Who knew there were so many chess players out there? 

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