Saturday, April 21, 2012

Can You Spell Webster Dictionary?

In 1828, Noah Webster published an American Dictionary of the English Language ... and almost two centuries later, the Webster Dictionary remains a staple in American libraries and homes. Yes, kids, before the internet, there were actually books where people looked up words, I know that's hard to believe.

In honor of that pithy tome, DeKalb Chess Club will host a USCF-rated chess tournament April 21 at its home base, the First Congregational Church, 615 N. First Street, DeKalb. Three rounds, Game/65 with a 5 second delay. Although the rules are a tad confusing, the Tournament Director (TD) believes that this qualifies the games for Regular Rating play only, so Quick Ratings remain intact.

Registration and warm up will begin at 9am with the first round beginning SHARPLY at 10am. Other rounds will commence at 1pm and 3:30pm with wrap up by 6pm.

Editor's note: registrations have been reasonably robust... but I apologize for not getting back to everyone promptly. Due to the hospitalization of a dear friend and other obligations, I have been unable to spend my usual time at the computer this week. Look forward to seeing you all by 9:45am this morning.

Between noon and 2:30, juniors may be competing in the "Curse You, Red Baron" Open. This will also be at the church. April 21 marks the 94th anniversary of the demise of Manfred von Richthofen, the World War I Flying Ace who was shot down by Allied forces. I don't know if the Red Baron played chess, but I always liked the way that Snoopy used his doghouse as a faux-airplane and dogfights seem like a wonderful metaphor for competitive chess.

Editor's note: as there have been no pre-registrations for the junior tournament, who knows if we'll get the necessary entrants for that event, but K-8 chess enthusiasts are welcome to observe the USCF tournament going on. Hopefully someday, you'll be up to competing in the rated tournaments!

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