Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tournament to Honor Publication of Chess Progress

Rockford's Erik Czerwin has been a regular at DeKalb tournaments for a few years now. Coach Czerwin was named the Illinois Chess Coaches Association's Coach of the Year a couple years back when he was at Marengo High School. This is his second year teaching at Rockford Guilford High School -- and the first season he will coach a team there.

In his abundant free time, Coach Czerwin has written a remarkable book which is being released in the United States this month by Everyman Press. In honor of its release.the DeKalb Chess Club will be hosting a day of tournament chess for everyone on Saturday, Sept. 13.

The main event will be a 3-section, USCF-rated tournament with Open, Reserve (U1600) and Booster (U1200) Sections. There will also be an unrated tournament which does not require USCF membership and a Rated Quick Chess tournament (Game/25) for players rated Under 800.

The main event will feature four rounds of Game/45 competition with a five second delay.

Best of all, the entry fee for all three events will only be $5 with books as prizes. Details are posted elsewhere on the front page of this site.

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