Sunday, December 20, 2015

4th Home for the Holidays To Be Held Saturday, Dec. 26

Saturday December 26
at 1st Congregational Church, 615 N First St, DeKalb

Registration: 8:45-9:20am; after that: 1/2-point bye

Rounds: 9:30am / 11:35am / Lunch / 1:50pm / 3:55pm with conclusion anticipated before 6pm.

4 Sections: OpenReserve: U1600, Booster: 1000-1250,  SuperBooster: U1000, all subject to adjustment and combination at TD discretion.

Format: 4 Rounds, Game/55; delay 5 seconds

G/55 with 5 second delay. This means each player has 55 minutes to make all moves in a game and up to 5 additional seconds for each move. This means the event will be dual-rated and count towards both the US Chess regular and quick ratings.

Cost: $8 with advance registration, $12 otherwise, limited to first 64 entries. Payable at door.

All equipment provided. Entrant equipment not to be used without TD authorization in order to preserve the peace.

To pre-register: email name, USCF ID, and desired section to


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