Monday, December 28, 2015

It's On: 2016 Northern Illinois Kick-Off -- Round One: 11:30am, Round Two: Round 2nd: 1:02pm; Conclusion by 6pm

As we welcome 2016, what better way to do so than five rounds of rated chess?

After some concern over the length of some games, we'll be doing away with the Game/20; d16 time control and going with a more conventional Game/30 with NO DELAY. That's right, bring back those old manual clocks because THIS ONE is going without a delay timer.

We'll do five rounds to make the drive worth it... and we'll keep it cheap: $6.102 entry fee. That's right, 2016 backwards -- and you can round it down to the nearest penny unless you have some micro-cents handy.

First round will start at 11:30 am so those who are traveling far or sleeping in can take their time meandering to the cornfields... or the church... where we'll be gathering.

I'll provide all the equipment. Just bring your USCF membership card and $6.102 (ok, forget the micro part)  -- along with another $5 if you want some pizza after the first round, and show up by 11:15am and you'll be all set for a thrilling day of chess. 

If you wanna skip round one, show up six seconds after 1:02pm (in honor of the entry fee) and we'll get you paired for round two with a half-point bye. You'll still get in four rounds of rated games.

And we be all done out and out of there by 6:10 (and 2 seconds) so you can enjoy your Friday night. How's that for a plan?

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